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About us

Formiga1 are building surveyors, consultants and certifiers who set the standard for quality and safety worldwide.

We are a multi-disciplinary company who pride ourselves on our customer service excellence, professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail.




Formiga1’s retail division has worked extensively with some of Australia’s largest retail providers for shopping centres, retail warehousing, department stores and commercial retail outlets.

We work closely with all parties involved (third party and internal) to ensure building certification requirements are met and all town planning considerations are investigated.


Compliance and communication

Communication and compliance are the backbone of every project we work on. We have a hand picked team with a broad scope of experience and expertise in the retail industry to ensure that all your compliance requirements are met and we communicate effectively with you throughout the process. 

Some of our retail projects include:-

  • National developers
  • Multi-storey retail premises
  • Local shopping centres
  • Specialist retailing stores
Detailed advice with extraordinary customer service

Call us today to experience the Formgia1 difference. With our detailed advice and experienced consult on the specific requirements for your next retail project, Formiga1 is a natural choice. 

Call us today on (07) 3253 1200.