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Formiga1 are building surveyors, consultants and certifiers who set the standard for quality and safety worldwide.

We are a multi-disciplinary company who pride ourselves on our customer service excellence, professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail.




With our experienced team and open communication style, we make sure all practitioners, physicians, surgeons, emergency workers, specialists, doctors and nurses will have a safe and happy work environment to practice in.

Both large and small scale projects cross our desk throughout the year and we have worked on a wide range of medical buildings from multi-storey hospitals, specialist facilities and private hospitals to theatres and laboratories.

We’re proud of our people and our precision

With a proven track record in producing excellent results for clients in the medical industry, we pride ourselves on the experience of our team and the precise and comprehensive work we provide clients.

Our approach to ongoing professional development and specific industry training means the team at Formiga1 are perpetually up to date with the latest in strict government guidelines and regulations for the medical industry.

We guide you through to occupancy permit and certificate of final inspection requirements whilst ensuring your project moves forward on time and on budget.

Aubigny Place

We’re a team to work with, a team to count on

Our promise to you is simple. Top quality work from people with character and constitution. It’s this unyielding devotion to quality and workmanship that sets Formiga1 apart from the rest.

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