Commercial, Industrial and Retail Surveying

For over 30 years, Formiga1 has built a reputation of providing effective, timely and proficient building certification and compliance advice to the commercial building sector.

Our experience and knowledge helps you navigate through the essential process of building legislation for prospective construction sites.

At Formiga1 our primary focus is on building safety and thorough inspections.

By assisting clients during design, construction and post-construction we ensure buildings are safe and meet all legal requirements, no matter what you’re building.

Surveyor Services for Heritage Buildings

Heritage buildings hold a special place for all cities and communities, serving as gathering places and historical landmarks. Formiga1 provides heritage building surveying services that consider how to best adapt current legislative requirements with historical importance.

Often historical restorations use traditional trade skills to preserve the original feel of buildings. We work with you to ensure compliance and safety while maintaining historical accuracy of your building and addressing safety concerns.

Office Buildings and High-Rises

When building new office spaces; proper audits, certifications, and assessments are essential for compliance and good business. We provide building approvals, compliance assistance, detailed inspections, and reporting for ongoing safety compliance.

Shopping Centres and Retail Spaces

Developing shopping centres is complex and lengthy. Our experienced team understands the unique aspects of shopping centre construction and other commercial projects. Within those spaces shop fit-outs can be costly if not done correctly. A reliable building surveyor should be considered early, before planning, design, and installation begin.

Industrial and Warehouse Developments

Industrial developments are significantly complex due to the nature of the work and processing being undertaken. The standard building safety requirements can be impractical to ensuring the highest safety level and best practice systems in cetain types of industrial plant. At Formiga1 we actively work with our clients to understand the uniqueness of the processes and industry to ensure the correct level of safety is implemented for both the occupants and the environment.

Multi-level and Open Deck Car Parks

As cities grow, car parks are increasingly necessary. Proper planning is essential due to high population growth and limited space. We assist developers with legislative and compliance requirements for inner-city and suburban car park projects.

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