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Formiga1 are building surveyors, consultants and certifiers who set the standard for quality and safety worldwide.

We are a multi-disciplinary company who pride ourselves on our customer service excellence, professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail.

Commercial Fire Safety Audits & Inspections

All new commercial building projects, be they shopping centres, aged care facilities, schools, high rise buildings, office buildings, commercial space and even multi-level carparks, are are required to continue to meet Australian fire safety codes and standards. Formiga1 will inspect and report to you if your building does not meet the appropriate fire safety standards, can help determine whether any outstanding maintenance recommendations need to be completed and also help outline deficiencies that need to be corrected.

What are the benefits of a Fire Safety Audits & Inspections?

Looking towards an improvement of the fire safety of a building is one of the many cost-effective ways your business can respond to ever-increasing safety requirements and regulations implemented by government and regulatory bodies.

Here are just a few of the main benefits of addressing your buildings fire safety:-

  • Make sure your building is up to standard
  • Avoid costly fines or prosecution for not meeting standards
  • Increase the safety and peace of mind of personnel in the building
  • Be made aware of non-compliance and corrective actions that can be taken

Fire Safety Audits

Highly accurate and detailed fire safety audit that gives building owners the opportunity to discover potential non-compliance issues throughout their buildings.

Decades of Experience

When it comes to performing fire safety audit & inspection, take a look at some of the projects we’ve worked on. We have clients we’ve worked with for over 20 years and now we’d like to work with you.

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