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Formiga1 are building surveyors, consultants and certifiers who set the standard for quality and safety worldwide.

We are a multi-disciplinary company who pride ourselves on our customer service excellence, professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail.

Formiga1 – providing expert advice on building permit requirements around Australia for over 20 years

Interpreting building requirements can be a minefield and a daunting task for anyone not familiar with the relevant State and local council requirements. Here at Formiga1 we make it our business to ensure your building permits meet all the relevant council and authority requirements. We do this by staying up to date with the latest in legislation so you don’t have to. When your business is looking to build, extend or improve a property, Formiga1 is here to guide and assist you through the building code requirements and permit application process as quickly as possible so you’re able to start your project in its allotted time frame.

Building Permits

We have offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland. Depending on the project we can organise for one of our Building Surveyors to travel to your project site to ensure specific relevant advice for your project. We’re able to service the building permit requirements of customers Australia and New Zealand wide. It’s important to ensure that all proposed building work is subject to approval through the building permit applications process. Formiga1 services will ensure your building establishes, maintains and often improves on the construction and maintenance of building requirements within the appropriate building compliance framework.

Professional Service

Our qualified and experienced building surveyors are ready to chat with you about your requirements. If you want practical and professional advice, talk to us today.

Industry Experience

When it comes to performing time and time again, take a look at some of our projects. We have clients we’ve worked with for decades and now we’d like to work with you.

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If you would like to talk with us about building permits or to book an inspection, we will contact you to talk about your requirements.


Occasionally you just need some advice. If you would like to talk about building permits, compliance advice or fee proposals, contact us about your requirements.