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Formiga1 are building surveyors, consultants and certifiers who set the standard for quality and safety worldwide.

We are a multi-disciplinary company who pride ourselves on our customer service excellence, professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail.




With climate change and environmental concerns being some of the biggest issues of our time, more and more corporations are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints, curtail their energy consumption and use ‘green’ products where available.

On a larger scale, councils and governments are looking for ways to make cities, suburbs and buildings more environmentally friendly and sustainable. We’ve seen some of this achieved at the residential level with the implementation of solar and water tank schemes (we won’t mention the disastrous ‘pink batts’ scheme – although it had good intentions) and many construction companies are starting to wake up to the fact people are interested in alternative building materials that are better for our environment.

Before we outline all of the latest green technology in the building industry, it’s worth outlining what ‘green’ building materials actually are. 

When it comes to mandatory inspections and quality control for commercial building projects there are many areas of misunderstanding about what role both these important aspects of construction should take. Sometimes customers aren’t clear whose responsibility it is for inspections, generating reports and getting the appropriate compliance signed off if they haven’t engaged the services of a certified building surveyor.

By engaging the services of a professional building surveyor you will not only make sure that all your compliance requirements are met, but also ensure the safety and overall integrity of building plans are sound and meet standard.

Let’s now look at the differences between mandatory inspections and quality control inspections.