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About us

Formiga1 are building surveyors, consultants and certifiers who set the standard for quality and safety worldwide.

We are a multi-disciplinary company who pride ourselves on our customer service excellence, professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail.




Who we are

Our Company provides quality service and advice incorporating relevant Client requirements appropriate to the project. Our core service is based around our provision by Professionally Qualified and experienced team members in Building Surveying. This requires us to apply and implement applicable Building Codes and Legislation to obtain code compliance in the most efficient and effective method to minimise exposure to risk of life and occupants.

Our team continues to pride themselves on our customer service excellence, professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail.

Our belief in Personalised Client service and attention to detail forms the basis of all our Company decisions, processes and Structure. It is through development of strong relationships, that our individual team members provide the necessary service and expertise to assist our Clients in the achievement of their objectives.

Our team has been engaged on many private and government design teams to ensure compliance to relevant legislation and specialised client criteria.

“Employee involvement in forming the culture at Formiga1 has meant that staff at all levels are invested in the business and it is more than just a job to all of us. Strong leadership with attention to detail from management help to establish a team based environment that gives each person the opportunity to foster change and development in both their position and the wider business.

This culture drives a collective approach to problem solving that provides the service that we have become renowned for. From the Directors to our cadets, it provides the basis for our professional relationships with each other and the clients that we serve.”
Ashley Trost - Brisbane Office Manager

How we support our staff

Our Company has various different strategies to support individual development and progression both professionally and personally.

All team members are required to continually perform their functions/roles in accordance with the qualities of our Culture. This includes completion of all communication and services to both clients and the team. The application of the Cultural Document should provide a clear reflection of exhibited qualities from the individual. This document allows for application in both the working environment and personal life of the individual.

Attitude of the individual is the most important factor that will determine the success of the team and the individual. In recognition of this importance we have a six (6) step employment process that is based on identification of the individual's personal qualities and beliefs. This is to minimise the potential risk of employing an individual that will not be a team member and will not function within the team environment. The last step in the employment process is the practical implementation of the individual within the team environment for a period of time (usually a day) to allow all members of the current team to interact with the candidate and to provide feedback to the management team on the feelings towards the proposed new member.

Our management Team are provided with a ”Toolbox” outlining all the necessary qualities essential to that person's success. This education tool assists our Management Team in personal development and methods of identifying strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore the attitude of an individual who reflects our company Culture will (and has) create the most likely avenue for the success of the individual.

How we acknowledge staff

We endeavour to recognise all team member and team achievements through both the individual offices and a Company as a whole.

Some achievements of individuals have been implemented within the overall Company Processes and Procedures. Examples of this includes: Quarterly & Half Yearly Marketing reports and Customer Surveys. These reports were recognised at our Annual Conference (which all employees attend) where the General Manager identifies Company changes and the individuals that have been fundamental in the changes.

Also in 2013 we had the opportunity to submit the Customer Survey Results as part of the BEF Awards and in recognition of that work, the team member was provided with accommodation and travel to attend the awards ceremony and celebrations. While the submission was not pronounced the winner that year, the experience of attending and the Company recognition has always stayed with the individual.

Smaller business successes including redevelopment of procedures (for efficiency or effectiveness), successful tender appointment, or client acknowledgement of our services are recognised weekly in Branch Meetings by the Branch Manager.

Within the last year various members of the team have produced achievements that are recognised and implemented within the business. In our Sydney Office a new team member (Graduate Building Surveyor) recognised a more efficient option for completion of State Government forms and produced a new format that reduced times from 2 hrs to less than 20 minutes. This format has been recognised by other Offices and it is now being investigated to see if those efficiencies can be implemented in other States and Regions. The team member has been credited with these gains and is now providing the lead to all other offices and personnel in this matter.

Overall Company success against our KPI’s is acknowledged monthly by the General Manager and Directors as part of the Branch Manager's Monthly report. Also the Company provides a 2 day Annual Conference for all employees to attend (In June). This conference is designed to specifically thank the team members for their commitment each year and is tied to the financial success of each individual office. The conference provides the opportunity to reflect on Business Principles and Philosophies, and to provide a contrast to the standard day's work. In previous years we have provided the Conference at venues such as Tangalooma Island (Brisbane), Swan River (Perth), Brisbane City and Binna Burra National Park (Gold Coast Hinterland).

Where it is known or appropriate we recognise the individual's personal achievements. While there is no set policy, the team will often arrange a lunch or celebration drinks or a present.

What it's like to work at Formiga1

01 jun 15

Our Company Environment is a reflection of our Structure. Our Structure has been developed to be a reflection of our Culture and its qualities.

With a focus on Personalised Client Service and relationships it is essential that our clients are treated as individual people and not as a “number” or project. To do this we have recognised that a small team is essential to sharing information and ensuring we understand our clients needs and personalities.

Each Branch office is of a size to allow maximum efficiency without the loss of client relationship. The offices are generally an open plan environment with an option for the Manager to have a separate room. Where possible we look to have connection with the external environment (Through large windows, balconies, etc) to provide opportunity for team members to continue to be engaged in the “real” world when necessary.

A pleasant, professional environment is the general feel we endeavour to create within our physical offices. However we endeavour to have a team that enhances the environment through enjoyment of their work, their fellow team members and their interaction with clients.

Through the words of one team member in Brisbane “Leave your personal problems at the door and be pleasant, courteous and approachable to all the team”. All Managers are reminded that the Office Environment is a reflection of them, their decisions and their application of Our Culture at all times.

How often we meet

Each week the Branch Offices have a Status meeting to ensure work/project completion and to allow each member to share relevant information with the rest of the team. The meeting has a specific agenda, designed to maximise information sharing and project completion in the most efficient timeframe possible. This meeting may identify the need for additional team meetings to handle a specific task, but these additional meetings can be effectively delegated to responsible team members for completion.

The General Manager endeavours to complete a Branch office meeting every 4 months. This meeting is to provide the opportunity for the General Manager to share information about changes to Company Policies or Procedures, to provide feedback to the Branch regarding current office status (Financial details, KPI’s, etc) and to give the employees an opportunity to discuss any issue first hand with the General Manager. this meeting also allows the General manager to discuss outcomes and performance issues raised during the previous Annual Conference.

An Annual Conference is provided to all employee’s (and partners where the employee wishes to pay for the travel). The Conference is a “thank you” to employees for their commitment to the business and to given them an insight into the Business Philosophy being implemented by the Management Team. Further to this it allows each branch Office to identify items that they wish to work on over the next year to assist that branch to specifically become more efficient and/or effective in areas to make their working environment better.