Company Culture


At our core, Formiga1 prides ourself on delivering tailored, quality service and advice, guided by our experienced building surveyors, to meet the unique needs of every project and client.

We are committed to personalised client service, professionalism, and attention to detail, shaping our decision-making and organisational structure. Through fostering an environment where strong relationships flourish, our team assists clients in achieving their objectives, ensuring compliance with legislation and specialised criteria across a diverse range of projects.


“Employee involvement in forming the culture at Formiga1 has meant that staff at all levels are invested in the business and it is more than just a job to all of us. Strong leadership with attention to detail from management help to establish a team based environment that gives each person the opportunity to foster change and development in both their position and the wider business.

This culture drives a collective approach to problem solving that provides the service that we have become renowned for. From the Directors to our cadets, it provides the basis for our professional relationships with each other and the clients that we serve.”

Ashley Trost - Former Brisbane Office Manager

Who We Are

Formiga1 are committed to providing quality service and advice that aligns with the relevant requirements of every project. We define quality as encompassing client satisfaction, staff contentment, cost effectiveness, accountability, and excellence in business practices.

Our team takes pride in our exceptional customer service, professionalism, extensive knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that we consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

What it is like to work for us

At Formiga1, our primary focus is on providing Personalised Client Service and fostering meaningful relationships. We prioritise treating our clients as unique individuals rather than mere projects, acknowledging the importance of personalised attention. To achieve this, we maintain small, interconnected teams dedicated to sharing information and understanding our clients' needs and preferences. Each branch office is carefully sized to optimise efficiency while preserving the intimacy of client relationships, often featuring open-plan layouts with options for private spaces for office managers. We strive to integrate elements of the external environment, such as large windows or balconies, to keep team members connected to the real world.

Within our physical offices, we aim to cultivate a professional yet enjoyable atmosphere, where team members take pleasure in their work and interactions with colleagues and clients alike. We value and recognise individual and team achievements, often incorporating outstanding accomplishments into our company-wide processes and procedures. While there's no formal policy, team members frequently organise celebratory lunches, drinks, or gifts to honour personal milestones.

Additionally, we host a two-day Annual Conference for all employees at the close of each financial year, as a gesture of gratitude for their dedication. This conference serves as a platform to reflect on our business principles and philosophies, offering a refreshing break from routine work. Emphasising a strong work-life balance, we encourage team members to leave their work behind at the end of the day and fully enjoy their time outside of the office.

We uphold the motto of a former team member, encouraging everyone to leave personal issues at the door and embody a demeanour of pleasantness, courtesy, and approachability towards their colleagues.


Phone: (02) 9597 9952
Level 2, 10 King Street
Rockdale NSW 2216


Phone: (07) 3253 1200
Suite 38, 17-19 Bowen Bridge Road
Herston Qld 4006


Phone: (02) 9597 9952
4/18 Council Street
Wallsend NSW 2287


Phone: (03) 9450 7820
Level 1, Suite 7
486 Lower Heidelberg Road
Heidelberg Vic 3084