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Formiga1 are building surveyors, consultants and certifiers who set the standard for quality and safety worldwide.

We are a multi-disciplinary company who pride ourselves on our customer service excellence, professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail.




Formiga1 is committed to assisting our local Communities where appropriate. We believe that, as a successful business, we should be giving back to the Community. Our projects are carefully selected to have a positive impact and help those who need assistance.

Some of our projects:

  • Our Perth Office has supported local Sporting Teams by providing winter uniforms.
  • Our Sydney Office has supported Pastoral Ministries in local schools.
  • Globally, we are in the process of supporting a Soup Kitchen for hungry children through a local school.
  • We are also sponsoring National and International Disaster Relief Events.

How we support our community

The Company has had the opportunity to assist several organisations and charity events. These events/communities are those that have, in some way, impacted the lives and families of our team members, and thus provide support back to the community.

We have provided financial assistance into the SU Qld School Chaplaincy program. This program is partially funded by the State Government to provide Chaplains at State Schools. However, without community support they would only be able to complete approximately 14 hrs a week. Through the additional funding, the Chaplains are able to be available for a longer period of time each week, thus providing emotional support and guidance for many young people.

We provide Financial Support to a voluntary kitchen at a single school in Queensland. This soup kitchen has been personally financed and run by the Religious Education Coordinator in that school. The soup kitchen started when the Teacher found a student being bullied for being hungry, as they had no lunch that day due to hardship at home. From then the Coordinator tried to produce soup each day for any child who was hungry. We provide financial support in each Quarter to supply ingredients, etc to allow the Coordinator to stop (or minimise) their self-funding. The ability to able to assist in reducing the opportunity for “bullying”, and the obvious additional benefit that children learn better when not hungry, provides an avenue for our Company to invest in the long term future for our community children.

We had the opportunity to support a local childrens netball team in Perth (WA) where the members required financial assistance to purchase winter jackets. The team was potentially unviable to continue through the winter without our support, as various members could not afford to purchase the winter uniform. Our assistance allowed all members to continue to be part of the team for the whole year and ensured that the children could continue to participate in a healthy sporting event, which requires the essential bonding as a team to obtain results.

A local SE Qld School (in participation with a Victorian School) developed an event “Ride Run 2 Rebuild” to fundraise for rebuilding in Nepal and Vanuatu after their natural disasters earlier in the year. We were able to help support the event through various methods including:- financial sponsorship of the event, assistance in marketing the event to our business contacts, and personal support in setting-up and helping to run the event on the day.

In conjunction with one of our major clients we provide financial support to the Wesley Mission Brisbane - Art for the Margins Program. Our partnership and support helps provide the opportunity for Local Underprivileged Persons to produce artwork and display it for sale. The funds raised are returned to the underprivileged being cared for by Wesley Mission Brisbane.

We also sponsor the Carindale Lions Fundraising by supporting various events they hold throughout the year. This helps to provide them with the funds necessary to allow this Community Organisation to continue to assist their local community.